About Club Mentorships

The club mentorship program serves as our opportunity to “pay it forward”. We, the club members, are working towards achieving our own academic success, and we want to share that success with students that are beginning Web Development and Design programs. We want to:

  • Provide a community for members of our web programs.
  • Nurture opportunities to establish relationships and build partnerships.
  • Help students obtain success.
  • Share student experiences with like-minded peers in becoming Web Professionals.

One of the challenges of the community college is often students feel disconnected from their peers. Students are faced with the personal challenges of juggling school, work, family, and life responsibilities.

A cohort is a well-documented theory; the idea is to bring students together as a group to establish some community in guiding and mentoring a group of individuals while they achieve their own academic success.

Becoming a club mentor can fill you with a sense of pride, and ground you in an aspect of your own life, offering you valuable experience while sharing your knowledge and experiences with your peers. Becoming a mentor will contribute to your life experiences, and give you new perspectives, while providing you an opportunity to visit your own skills and remain on the leading edge of the topics of web development and design.