The club has worked on various projects since the club’s inception in 2013. These projects provide club members an opportunity to further develop their skills and learn other important soft-skills while working with clients.

Proceeds from these projects go directly to the SCWP club account, which has been used to fund web development seminars for students, and support scholarships for Web Developer and Web Professional students enrolled at Sacramento City College.


Spring 2017

The club is currently working toward a proposal for a spring project.

Fall 2016

Update City Business Center

Spring 2016

Computers 4 Kids

“Our mission is to improve the educational outcome of low income students attending Washington Unified School District by placing computers in the homes of K-12 students. Research indicates that kids with computers at home do better in school.”

SCWP Club students worked with C4K to migrate their site to the WordPress platform.

Summer 2015

City Business Center

SCWP Students worked with City Business Center  for developing a website using WordPress.

Summer 2014

Students developed a full Word Press site for a client that had written a textbook. The site required a database, and private user login for each user to access the publisher data files that accompanied the textbook.

The site is not included in this portfolio due to contractual rights sold to the new publishing company.